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We are Blue Moose and we are primarily a wedding band. For the most part, this site is dedicated to the promotion of the band. But for this wedding band diary, we wish to take off the business hat and simply share some ideas and insight into our little world. Expect wedding related posts, tips and ideas. Ideas, which will be less personalised coat hangers, colour schemes and table plans and more a fly on the wall opinion. What we see along the way that could possibly add to your day or indeed the possible pitfalls we’ve noticed. We may talk music and instruments, sound and lighting for those of you with an interest. And you will most likely find many road stories of late nights, crazy couples, bad drivers and other general complete randomness.

The Gender Balance

When we have anything to say about weddings, it will of course be from the perspective of a band. However, it will also be an opinion that is distinctly male. There’s no getting away from that. That’s what we are! But that shouldn’t be a bad thing, fellas need a voice too!! It is true, that to some that voice may be considered practical or boring. Perhaps when us blokes don’t consider free breath mints and tissues in the bathrooms to be a deal breaker. Completely bat s**t crazy, if we were to suggest a Star Wars theme, or to have the reception in the old cow shed at the back of the parents farm! But a voice it is none the less. It’s not to say we won’t be impressed by a particularly nice table centre piece along the way. Unlikely, but we might 😜

We’ll try to categorise the posts, so we’re not boring the arse off anyone looking for wedding tips with posts about the our favourite guitar amps etc. Regardless of the topic we’d be only delighted if you would engage with us. Comment and share if it interests you and let us know your opinions. More posts very soon.


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