The band are truly an experienced bunch. Years have been spent crafting their trade. But that’s not just about the music – it’s about the ability to read a crowd, to guess what they want and to bring them in until they are fully engaged and active participants.


We have literally 100’s of songs in our repertoire that will keep the floor hopping. We don’t use a setlist. Instead the set is constructed on-the-fly, hitting the crowd with more of what they want. All done without gaps or interruptions. Might wanna ditch the heels ladies, cause you’ll be dancing.


We can have our full setup done in 45mins of accessing the room. PA, instruments, lights…the lot! Not only that but our PA and DJ system goes up first, allowing for background music while your guests mingle.


Yes, imagine that! The big scary rock band actually understands the fact that some of your guests may not be the type to rip up the dance floor, twerking and such. Rest assured, a full catalogue of waltzes, jives, country etc. is in the arsenal. All played at a sensible volume, of course!