Band Availability



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Nothing pains us more than having to turn down folks that really, really want the band at their event. From the couple who met at one of our gigs and want us for their wedding, the company that wanted the band for their Christmas party or event, or the festival organiser that’s shocked when six months wasn’t enough notice.
Please, please if you think Blue Moose is the band for your night, get in contact as soon as you know the date….heck even better – get in touch before and we’ll happily let you know what available date we have around the time you are thinking of. 
Below is a grid to show our availibility. There is only one Blue Moose and once a date is booked it’s gone. Please do contact us to check your date regardless of when it may be, you may get lucky. But for real piece of mind please think ahead and get in contact well in advance. For mid-week and Sunday nights give us a shout for more info. Dates correct as of 17/2/17