Do you travel nationwide?
Yes of course, Blue Moose are completely nationwide.
Better coverage than your mobile network!
Do you charge for travel or are there any hidden charges?
The cost quoted is for band and DJ to anywhere on the island of Ireland. The only possible extra charges would be for travel abroad or for setups prior to meal.
How long does the band play for?
The band will play for 2 – 2.5 hours. This does not include a break and the band will never impose a finish time that penalises you for delays with the meal or photographer etc.
Do you provide Dj service?
Yes we do. A DJ system with 40,000 plus songs, up-to-date and the DJ will take requests. Wifi or 3G dependant we also have the ability to get a song on the fly if we don’t have your favourite.
Do you provide ceremony and drinks reception music?
At the moment no. We may add a pre dinner service at some point and if we do we will advertise and inform all current bookings if they wish to avail.
Can you set up before the meal?
It would incur an extra charge and is not always possible.
How much time is required to set up?
A super fast 40mins once we gain access to the room. We have speakers up within 15min, so background music can be played while we complete setup.
Do you require a deposit and is it refundable?
Yes we do require a deposit and it is not refundable.
Is it always the same members?
On the whole, yes. The only instance where it may not be the same members would be due to serious illness, accident, bereavement etc. No pulling sickies in this band!! In fact all of our guys would literally need to be “Knocking’ on Heaven’s Door” before they would miss a wedding. See what I did there? Musical reference? No? Ok. Anyway, should the unthinkable happen we do have deps (mainly ex-Blue Moose members) that are perfectly capable of stepping in at a moments notice. As Tony and Philip are the main leads of the band, if either were unavailable we would contact client to discuss options. To date, we have thankfully have never had to do that.
Can we see the band perform at a wedding?
We would love to say yes, but alas no. Here’s the reason – We are nationwide and we may at any given time have a lot of enquiries from a certain area, let’s say 40. Around the same time we may only have one wedding in that area. All of a sudden we have 80 extra people gate crashing an unsuspecting couple’s wedding. We just can’t in good conscience allow that to happen. We run showcases and public gigs regularly. We also have videos on our website that are 100% live, recorded from the sound desk we use each night.
Can we decide the set list?
Yes….well…. sort of. We don’t give out a setlist for couples to choose from, because rather than exclude a few songs they detest, they will inevitably exclude anything they might think won’t work. What is left will leave the band like a mechanic without a spanner and a set that may fall flat. What we prefer, and encourage, is for you to give us a brief e.g. “My fiancé loves David Bowie and Led Zep” or “All our friends are 80’s fans” or “My Dad says if there are no jives I’m out of the will” or “The new missus says if ye play Amarillo you’re not getting paid” or similar. These little suggestions help us to create a set that matches you and your guests perfectly. So trust us, we know what we’re doing.
Can we be sure the band won’t be too loud?
Yes. We are professional and do our best to have the sound matched perfectly to the room. If there are any issues, just have one of the bridal party tell us and we’ll sort it. The reason we ask for a bridal party member is simply so we can trust that the request is coming from the right source. It has happened that when we’ve been asked to lower the volume, then we do so only to be told by the bride or groom to turn back up! Telling us later that previous complainant was a +1 guest that no one knows, who had been complaining about everything and on arrival was overheard suggesting there wasn’t enough bubbles in the champagne!! The cheek!!
How does the band dress for functions?
We have a formal uniform, but not suits. We are neat and presentable but still look like a band and not barmen or bouncers.
Can the band play our first dance?
If it’s a song we know, no problem. If it’s a song we don’t but it’s popular, we’ll do our best to learn it if we’ll use it again. If it’s an obscure B-side from a indie band that had one hit in ’94 and subsequently fell off the face of the planet, it will have to be on CD! Rehearsal time for Blue Moose is limited, especially during high wedding seasons and we will not play a “learned in the van on the way there” version of any song, let alone someone’s first dance. Don’t let the song being on CD deter you from having your favourite, it actually works really well. You’re introduced as normal, with your guests involved. Then the band kick in straight after, bringing things up another notch, with killer tune that keeps everyone up and dancing!
Can guests get up to sing?
Yes, but we ask three things. 1) That it’s prearranged with us by the bride or groom. 2) That they can actually sing (we don’t need Aretha Franklin or Tony Bennet here, but be able to hold a tune like!!).  3) That they are aware they will be asked to sing and do not hold up the night when the mortification of hearing their name glues them to their seat.
Do the band cater for the older guests?
If by “older guests” you mean the more senior members of your gathering who have more “life experience” than you, know what “a good auld tune” actually sounds like and have no time for “that Justin Timberland fella” or “AB/CD”? Then yes, we have an arsenal of “proper tunes you can actually dance to” including country, waltzes, jives and more.
I want to book, what’s the procedure?
Let us know and we’ll issue you our booking form. Fill in details and send it back. We then copy and paste those details directly into our online diary. This is in turn available to all band members on their phones.
When do we pay the remaining balance?
We have a number of options including the option to pay off the balance on the run up to your big day. All details are in our booking form.